26 June 2014

Handmade Pink Thank You Cards

We needed a few thank you cards for a recent event and I remembered I had just bought a collection of pink card stock a few weeks ago. I thought the light pink cardstock would be a perfect base to layer other colors and patterns.

This was one of those moments where I could make use of the several zipper bags of paper scraps I keep on hand. It's amazing that I can use bits of paper that are even as small as a pencil top eraser in my paper crafting work. That makes it really hard to throw anything away but I try to not go too crazy hanging onto every minute scrap of paper that crosses my path.

I do always have quite a few long, thin strips of leftover papers in my bags. I thought it would be fun to use a variety of them. I thought they would make a great stage for a fuchsia heart with a little handwritten "thank you" written with my favorite fine point silver metallic pen. I have used that pen or one of its ancestors for more projects than I can count and it always gives things a little extra polish when writing on cards or gift tags.

I like the simplicity. I tried to make them more "complicated" but everything I tried just called out for more simplicity. So I cut down a bunch of different skinny strips of paper to card width, glued them on and then attached the heart with foam adhesive squares to give it a layered appeal.

Super simple, took just about half an hour. I think they are perfect for the occasion. Earlier this week we set a family activity to get these all written up, enveloped, stamped, addressed and out the door. That took far longer than it did to make the cards themselves. It was a good team effort and a great use of supplies I already had. 

Here are two past projects using a wide variety of bright colors and patterns you might enjoy a peek at.
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It's so good for the soul to spend a few minutes doing something creative. Have you whipped up anything fun this week?

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