17 June 2014

Pretty Design Features From The Retail World

I fell in love with these lights at the Banana Republic store at the Malibu Country Mart. They could be a fun DIY project with the right baskets. They would be so pretty over a dining table. I can just imagine what a cozy environment they would create for great meals and good conversation.

The Malibu Country Mart has been updated in the past little while and it so fantastically gorgeous. There is so much old, weathered wood and so many modern architectural details, great gardens and sitting areas. That is just the beginning. It's filled with gorgeous shops and very good food all around.

It's a great wander in every way. It's a fun place to check out if you are driving through Malibu. And don't forget to grab a GROM gelato while you are there. So amazingly good. There's lots to shop but also lots to just take in and enjoy at the Malibu Country Mart.

Tomorrow I'm going to go in the totally opposite direction and share some great thrift store finds from last weekend. Great inspiration and ways to save big money.

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