18 June 2014

Thrift Store Furniture Tour

Friday afternoon I was craving some creative inspiration and decided to take a tour at our local thrift store. It seems like the best time to check out thrift stores because they seem to put out a lot of stuff in anticipation of the larger Saturday shopping crowds. There were lots of great finds and I thought I'd share a few that caught my eye.

This petite sofa would be great for an apartment or smaller room and I was surprised to find a matching love seat on the other side of the store. I was happy to see that someone saw the potential and had snatched these up.

Sorry for the sketchy quality of this photo. This had "paint me white & call me Scandinavian" all over it to me. I've never been a fan of a round table for my home, but they are my favorite for entertaining because conversation flows so much easier between the entire group when everyone is facing each other rather than stretched out on a long rectangle table.

I thought these table legs might be a great salvage from this table to use on an updated surface. A great slab of reclaimed wood would be fun with these legs. They were sturdy and strong.

This great basic sofa was a good find too. It had a few smudges on it, but I think with a TLC it would clean up nicely. So many options with a good tan sofa...bright color options galore, seasonal changes, possibilities are endless.

This gorgeous brass and wood lamp caught my eye. It's hardy, amazing quality. Hate the shade but this beauty had a lot of potential. I'm hoping someone finds it and loves it.

This is a not a furniture find, but these caught my eye. There were about 10 of these gold paper mache holiday stars on a shelf. I thought these would look amazing hanging across a big window pane. I might be tempted to paint them silver and add some glitter. As usual at my neighborhood thrift store these were priced very close to what they cost new, which really sucks the joy out of thrift shopping.

This was my favorite find of the day. This would be so fantastic in a front entryway with an added upholstered cushion on top, or for a big screen TV in a living/family room. Would've been very tempted to buy this if I had the space for it. Again hoping someone finds it and loves it.

So that was my little thrift store tour. Hope it inspires you to head about and find some great quality furnishings at thrift store prices -- which are generally fantastic if you don't live in my neighborhood, ha.

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