02 June 2014

Now Is My Time #22: Try Some New Hairstyles

Thankfully, Now Is My Time is not always about some great emotional "life lesson" journey all the time. Sometimes it's just sitting and letting someone else make you pretty! Hooray for that. One of my birthday presents last week was a haircut and color. I just found a new stylist that I was really happy to have met. She did a great job and taught me some fun new things about styling my hair.

Knowing that I am one busy lady without a lot of time on my hands to get ready most of the time, she gave me a great cut for my long hair that is basically wash and wear. We also whacked three to four inches off the back and layered the entire back and added more choppy pieces in front. I've tried this before and it never really worked but this time I made sure to get the right amounts of product in the right places and based on comments I got at church on Sunday I guess I did a good job.

I love a good hairstyle I can sleep on that looks better after a good night's rest than it did the day before! The wavy curls are working for me. She straightened my hair with a round brush before I left the salon on Friday and it looked great that way too so I think I am really going to like this haircut. I even got a few experimental long bangs and I think that I want more. My hair feels fresh and new now even though we didn't make a very drastic change. The color is so perfect for me and an interesting transition as my hair color changes as the years pass. Keeping it spunky!

We looked through my Pinterest hair board in the salon while we were coloring my hair and it was funny to see how many of the hairstyles were exactly what she was doing for me. Her great suggestions were clearly exactly what I was wanting.

Next time I am going to have her teach me some skills for getting some root lift. My hair is so heavy that sometimes it becomes very pyramid like. This darling girl is from Florida and she honestly said "You know what we say in the south, 'The bigger the hair, the closer to God!'" This girl knows how to tease. We laughed good and hard about that. But I think she may be just the girl to give my roots a little lift. Can't wait to go back & go Southern, haha.

I've been experimenting with some other fun hairstyles the past few months and thought today would be a great day to share links to some favorite hair posts.

Low Messy Bun: This blogger is from Copenhagen, what's not to love!
Longer Fuller Ponytail: I used to do this trick in high school. Totally forgot about it. Must do again.
20 Best Hair Tips: This is a collection, but I've tried this clip option. Still need to work on my skill.
Grown Up Topsy Tail: This hybrid braid/ponytail is so super chic. Love it.
Three Braid: I like this twist on the traditional big, lose side braid.
Heidi Klum Bangs: I'm having a little crush on her long, straight bangs with a middle part.

Do you have some favorites right now? I'd love to hear what you're doing with your hair.

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