20 June 2014

Wood Animal Art From Etsy

While doing a little research on Etsy I came across some wall art that really caught my eye and that I was so excited to share. I am constantly amazed at the fun things artists come up with and are selling on Etsy. I have high hopes for talented artists to succeed in their businesses and always love to support them. How I wish I had had Etsy, blogging and the internet maker community a few years ago when I was designing and making bags and other things I have created.

The first shop I wanted to share is Stencilize from Dublin, Ireland. It is a collection of geometric, spray painted animals created by Aoife. Here are some of my favorite pieces from her shop.

I can see these used in a variety of spaces and rooms. They are a nice alternative to animal art that has been around for a while.

The other shop I wanted to highlight today is Sweet Bananas Art. This shop was opened in 2013 by Katy B in Jackson, New Jersey. I love to see that there are new creative artists who have joined Etsy in the past year who are helping it stay fresh amidst an overpopulation of a lot of copycats. I'm always saddened to see one persons idea show up quickly being made by a plethora of other shops. It's not very original but it's also sad that people steal other's creative pursuits rather than coming up with their own.

Sweet Bananas Art is especially perfect for a nursery or child's bedroom and I like that she features a variety of great art for a girls and boys bedrooms. The two pieces I am sharing would work in a variety of spaces in the home. They would be a very fun modern touch in a mountain cabin I think. Here are my favorites.

So that's my Favorites of Etsy post for today. Haven't done one of these for a while and I am so inspired to get back to doing them. I am very happy to share the art of makers on Etsy. I love the originality of both of these shops and hope you'll check them out of you like them too. Applause for creativity and bright colors! Thanks for coming by today. Sending you happy, peaceful wishes.

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