23 June 2014

Now Is My Time #25: Creating Change In Our Lives

It seems that much of our lives are spent mourning the fact that things aren't changing in our lives or the fact that they are. We want things to start: like school, dates, marriage, family, jobs and so much more. And we mourn things ending like school years, relationships, vacations, summers, weekends, holidays, etc.

We have been in a position with a lot of change the past four years but it hasn't been the kinds of changes we would choose or hope for. Looking back things make sense and all has worked out quite amazingly, considering what we've been through. But it's time for some fresh new starts at a few things and we are working hard to make them happen. However, they are not happening as quickly as we'd like and we've been in a bit of a stupor about what to do because clearly we are on God's time here, not ours. (Isn't that so often how it goes.)

So to refresh my thirst for change, I've been doing some seemingly strange things to bring about change in our lives. We have been wanting to move for a while. Nothing has quite worked out on that note. So I decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room. It's a radical change because I moved everything. I decided to put all the big furniture pieces along one long wall. It's stunning how much it's opened up the room.

The room looks twice as big and now half our floor to ceiling south windows are no longer blocked which means lots more light for us too. Before the room felt like the walls were crumbling in on us, now it feels like there is lots of breathing space and room to stretch out. It's so nice after seven years to walk into the house and see the sofa on the side of the room where I never thought it would work. Hooray. We hopefully won't be in this place much longer, but we will enjoy a fresh view and home vibe until that moving day comes whenever that is.

I started shopping for a new bed. It's definitely time for a new mattress, but not the time to buy a new bed right now for several valid reasons, darn it. But I'm going to be ready when it is the right time. I've measured for our current space, decided what size/style of bed we need and I realize that just putting that plan into action makes me feel like things are in motion. I'm happy to know that we can fit a bigger bed in our current space if we need to with no problem whatsoever.

Another thing we need right now are larger nightstands. When I bought these years ago and refurbished them they were perfect for one girl. But they are so small you really can't fit a lamp, a book and a glass of water on top. Don't even think about trying to find a spot for jewelry for a framed photo. I've been doing my research in my spare minutes and I have a lot of good ideas now. I saw a pair in a thrift store a month or so ago that I keep thinking about. They're probably long gone but it might be worth a return trip. But at least I have a clear picture of what we need.

I've been meditating to two new guided meditations, one for a new home and one for having a life we love. I already feel a lot of gratitude for the life I have, but having a more comfortable, peaceful life is something I'm totally open to! Right?! It's nice to take a few minutes to think about what we want for our lives. I find that it always helps me to make clearer decisions as I go forward when I
have a good idea of what it is that I really want and what my top priorities are. 

Sometimes enacting happy change in our lives can be as simple as cleaning our car or rearranging a closet. I believe that even the smallest accomplishments can create momentum. Clearing up energy-zapping spaces allows good things to flow. So while I can't control everything in my life, I can help propel myself forward, be inspired about how I want my life to look, and take small actions wherever possible to get myself a little closer.

Life is a daily journey full of little steps forward. It's those little steps day after day that take us where we want to go. No one ever got to the top of a mountain on foot without lots of little steps and I think when we look back we are grateful for all those little steps and all the things we learned along the way. So I'm going to keep walking and creating change where I can.

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