22 December 2010

Christmas Tree Additions

I thought you might enjoy seeing the new ornaments and decorations that have mysteriously appeared around my tree over the past few weeks. Here are just a couple. The first is a pink hair band. In the photo below are a rock and a small plastic globe.

I supposed you could conjure religious symbolism to the globe and to the rock, the hair band I'm not sure about yet. I have found all sorts of things creatively added to the decor, including many short bits of ribbon, animals around the base of the tree, and more - unfortunately they had been removed by the little designer before I thought to take photos.


Dave and Catherine said...

At least your "designer" is ADDING things to your tree... Ours is pretty much naked from the middle down. We got tired of chasing the toddler around the apartment with various glittery (why do they always go for the glitter) ornaments.

Kelly said...

How sweet! I love that you'll always have these photos to look back on as reminders of your little helper. ;-)

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