05 July 2012

Revisiting Vison Board and Goals

A few nights ago I was lying in bed, staring around my room. I had just put down some reading, but was still very wide awake. My eyes caught my vision board from early 2011 that I had recently pulled out again. I began wandering around the board looking at the things I hoped to attract to my life. I saw the workspace ideas that came to fruition last spring, I saw the photo of the new printer I hoped for. Not long after gluing that photo there I had been given a printer out of the blue.

I saw the image of a new sofa I needed so badly back then and thought of the wonderful queen sofa bed that we purchased from a lovely couple nearby for just $200. There was an engagement ring on that board that I received a few months later. On the board there was a photo of a woman gardening. Without remember that I started gardening not long after and have enjoyed a harvest of tomatoes and herbs for quite some time now. There were organization projects hoped for and I've done much to organize since that board was made.

Then I smiled as I realized one of my desires had come to fruition just a day before. I finally got a new phone with lots of bells and whistles. It was one of those things I always meant to do but there were always more important things that needed tending to. Things on my vision board were still coming into my life.

I started looking around at the dreams that have not yet been realized and I felt an increased desire to focus my energies on those things and to recommit to opening myself up to them. I laughed when I realized that there was a dining room table on the board. Just hours earlier I had been scouring Craigslist and DIY blogs contemplating how I could rid myself of my much hated table and chairs and get something that was more me.

I have not yet been back to Denmark. That was one of my wishes on that board. I was hoping to spend part of this summer there but family events pointed me in other directions for this year. But I know there will be a time soon. There are other more personal desires that are not here yet. But seeing all the good things that have happened from moments just after I created the vision board up until just days ago, I'm inspired to keep believing.

Keep believing. There are always good things coming to our lives. It's good to know some of what we want those things to be and help call them to our lives with our thoughts. Then all the other things can be a delightful surprise, all the things we never imagined would come to our lives.

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If you are a vision board maker I'd love to hear how it's changed your life. Please leave a comment below. If you decide to make your first vision board, please let me know how it goes. I'm envisioning the very best for you!

photo by kalanicut

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That is what I call intentional living. Good work.

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