19 July 2012

Hallowed Letter Writing Time & A Charming Childhood

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I have started taking some time to write a letter every day. It has become hallowed time for me. It is beautiful to put pen to paper on stationery that I have handmade myself. It is lovely to share loving sentiments, then a small decoration on the envelope, addresses and lastly a stamp. I have printed out some inspiring articles to include in some letters and am collecting small thoughts to put on a card now and again. This is now my favorite time of day and I am reminded yet again of the beauty of handwritten letters.It is lovely to visit the post office for fun reasons instead of all business.

It's been a divine week making sure that our Bug has a fantastic summer. Reading and study to keep her skills up, baking, art projects, letter writing, visits with family and watching some fantastic old family friendly movies including Ann of Green Gables and the original Parent Trap. Yesterday for some reason I started singing "I love you, yah, yah, yah" to her. That led us to looking up the real song by the Beatles online for her to see. Later in the day she several times broke out singing "She loves you, yah, yah, yah, She loves you yah, yah, yah, She loves you yah, yah, yah..yah, yah." So cute!

I also overheard her watching a kid's movie yesterday where all the cartoon characters began singing "Close To You" by The Carpenters. It cracked me up to hear her singing along. It's so darling to me to see her picking up great classic songs along the path of her life as we all have. Love that we've made a habit of singing together so that she's learned to carry a tune and has an affinity for music. Life is good here, despite the fact that I burned two out of three batches of cookies yesterday. The lamest baking effort ever. But looking at the bright side of things and enjoying the small and simple things. Hope you day is joyful and calm.



I love the intentional way you are spending your summer.

Do you have a cup of tea while you write your letter?

kalanicut said...

I usually lay off tea in the summers. Not a fan of tea chilled or hot on hot days. But your suggestion makes me think a nice cool beverage would hit the spot during letter writing time. I'm rather partial to XXX Vitamin Water. I have started drinking my favorite Citrus Chamomile tea in the evenings and it hits the spot and makes me feel so peaceful and calm. Just what I need.

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