12 July 2012

Rearranging Life

It's been a very interesting process adjusting to new rhythms, schedules and demands over the last few weeks. I didn't anticipate how busy I would be, how tired I would get, or that I would get sick. Sinus infections are sneaky because you feel horrible in the evening, night and mornings but during most of the day you can feel quite good and very potentially overdue it so that you never get better. I am impatient to get better, but my brain has yet to convince my body that it's bored with this sickness. If only I had total control over that power.

I am finally on a more normal sleep schedule as of last night. I'm getting in the groove with new daily tasks, readings and activities. Every summer I itch to rearrange the house and I have been doing a little of that every day. Yesterday I potted, planted, punched and painted projects. I potted  the plant starts I cut and talked about here a few weeks ago and I planted a few petunias into the ugly looking lemon tree pot.

Seemed like there was all that empty space around the base of the tree and it could use a little perking up. I was surprised how pretty the petunias looked in the black pot. For anyone who says they can't afford to make their home look nice, this 6-flat of petunias cost me less than $2. There are always things you can do if you work smart. I hope these flowers will fill in nicely and spill over the edges of the pot soon.

I painted  and upcycled a basket I found at a thrift store a few months ago. I'll share it with you here tomorrow. I like how it turned out and I was able to turn something useful that I didn't like the look of, into something I really like and will find lots of use for.

I also punched another tin lantern using the ice, hammer and nail method. I applied all the lessons I learned on the first one. I'll share an update and photo with you later this morning. It's good to try a project a few times to really get a handle on it.

Life surely is interesting with all it's twists and turns. It's amazing how at times of transition so many interesting things happen each day. People get in touch with you out of the blue, surprising opportunities come up, your support circle draws in tighter and you find joy in new and refreshing activities. I have had several friends share such beautiful inspiration with me lately. Had some amazing conversations with people I cherish. No matter what is happening in life, there is always joy and gratitude to be found for small delights each day. I am so grateful for that and am trying to enjoy every moment.

image by kalanicut

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