03 July 2012

A Pin Test: #2 Resetting Printer Cartridges

Welcome to the second installment of a new feature I am calling A Pinterest Test. I'm taking popular pins from the site and testing them out. This sounded so promising. Being able to outsmart those darn ink printer cartridge makers. You know very well there's more ink in there and the printer will just insist you're out of ink and stop printing. I'd prefer to make my own decision on that rather than having the printer shut me down on its own. I was quite excited when I came upon this tutorial on how to reset the ink cartridge from work.failblog.org.

I was happy to see in the photos for this project that Epson cartridges were being used because those are exactly what I have. So I pulled up the tutorial from the blog and pulled out a couple of my ink cartridges from my printer. Upon closer examination, what I saw in the tiny panel in the photo looked quite different on my cartridges and the photo was so grainy on the blog unfortunately that I couldn't see exactly what they were pointing at.

There is no writing on the cartridge to lead you to the magical reset button so it was pretty impossible to find a reset button or reset the cartridge. Without some further research, this project was a fail. Rats, darn, dang.

Stay tuned for another Pinterest Test soon. And if I find out anything more about resetting ink cartridges, you'll be the first to know. Have a great day! Share a smile! For those of you in the US, hope you have a fantastic 4th of July!

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