02 July 2012

Gardening Inspiration: Never Give Up

I have had this pepper plant for a couple of years and frankly for a long time I was just waiting for it to die. It would start growing one little pepper and then the pepper would shrivel up and die. It became a bit frustrating that it wouldn't just die so I could throw the thing away. I couldn't possibly throw out even a barely living plant.

One day I decided to transplant it into a big pot to see if it would help anything. It started to thrive. Several days ago I went out to the patio garden and was shocked to see that there are nearly 20 green peppers growing on this one plant in the big container. We love green peppers and the idea of getting them from a garden instead of paying the insanely high prices we find in our grocery stores is thrilling.

It's also a real life lesson to me that I've been thinking about ever since. A lesson to never give up a situation, a person, a hope or dream that is frustrating us. Sometimes things just need a little time and more space to grow. Sometimes it helps if we just give the situation our best and then walk away and go focus on something else. We might be amazed at what we find when you return.

Have you had something like this happen to you before? How did it change your perspective. I'm sending you my best wishes that you find some surprise green peppers somewhere in your life today or very soon and see something that felt was hopeless turn around in a completely miraculous, surprising and joyful way.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Kalani, this is such a cool story. I am jealous of your beautiful green peppers! I just checked out a book from the library on beginning gardening, so we'll see...

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