16 July 2012

The Amazing Value of Old-fashioned Mail

I'm making a plan to become a better real life, handwritten letter writer. I worked for a couple of hours last night making my own stationery with favorite ink stamps and gorgeous ink colors. I was inspired because I heard something that really impressed upon me the value of a handwritten letter. Apparently snail mail has a big impact on helping our soldiers avoid PTSD. It affects the emotional well-being in a way that phone calls, skype and text messages cannot even though those are excellent forms of communication and very treasured by military families. A snail-mail letter is something they can open, carry with them and read again and again.

Somehow that connection to home allows them to better handle stress and process feelings. Isn't that amazing? I have not stopped thinking about that since I read it. Imagine a soldier's emotions at mail call when they get a letter regularly versus day after day with no letter while watching others get mail and packages. I can certainly imagine that would have a big impact on my emotions.

Now take that principle and apply it across all our relationships. How can we bless other's lives by putting a note or card into the mail? It might be a note during a discouraging time or it can be just for fun to say "Hey, thinking about you. Wanted you to know you are loved!" No matter what the cheery content, a handwritten note or care package can make a lasting impression on our friends and family. It might be just what the doctor ordered. So I'm going to buy more stamps and send more letters and care packages.

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Good for you! I am a big fan of real mail ... that is delivered to my mailbox.

Interesting stats.

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