09 July 2012

A Long Overdue Visit To The Huntington Library

images by kalanicut

Anyone have a holiday hangover like I do? I am battling a sinus infection, which I know was brought on by too many days of too many activities and too little sleep. I feel terrible in the evenings, night and mornings and then tired all day.When will I learn my lesson?

Many years ago, when I first moved to Southern California, my grandmother, who was a very well-traveled woman, recommended that I take an opportunity to visit The Huntington Library gardens. Over the years, I intended to get there but never did. So when an invitation came and the opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks ago, we made it a priority to visit. It was long, long overdue.

The Huntington Library is a cultural, research and educational center near Pasadena. It is part art museum, historical library and botanical gardens. We met a group of neighbor moms and kids there and enjoyed the children's play area full of water features on a very hot day. Then The Bug and I decided to just make a day of it and see as many gardens as we could. It was a treat to wander around with her for the rest of the day visiting the gardens.

It was nice to be able to wander from garden to garden with benches always nearby for a rest. There were so many beautiful views to sit and enjoy. The large rose garden, filled with hundreds of different varieties, smelled so amazing. I could have spent hours in the Herb Garden learning about each and every herb and its uses.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the cafe, delighting in the afternoon ocean breezes that came in the afternoon from the west to cool things off. It was a lovely day. By closing time we were both absolutely beat. It was a great opportunity to see The Huntington gardens for the first time, together with The Bug. Never imagined all those years ago when I first anticipated a visit that it would be with such a lovely young lady, who I adore so much.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and that means another Pin Test. See what happens when I attempt a DIY or tip from my Pinterest boards. Have a great day. Thank you for coming for a visit today.

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