27 July 2012

Vintage Kalanicut Style

It seems like I can't keep up with my closet the past couple of years. I buy a few things and then things wear out, get ruined by some mishap and get lost (I can't tell you how many clothing items I have lost in the past four years...it's insane and bizarre.) My favorite all purpose gray summer cotton shirt disintegrated a couple of weeks ago.

Living in this climate, lightweight cotton shirts are a must for the summer (July - October). They are a Go To piece because they are so perfect if it is hot and because they are so lightweight they are super easy to layer in the cool nights we have near the coast. 

But they are not terribly long-wearing. I feel like I am constantly in search of cotton shirts that fit my long arms. It seems like the armholes are always in the wrong places and forget a shirt with a waist in it, it is never in the right place, always too high. So when I do find a shirt that fits me just right I get pretty excited and buy multiples.

This week I happened upon these cute and colorful Old Navy cotton shirts that fit perfectly. I didn't get these colors but those are the only photos I could pull. In the button down I picked out a gray, chambray with polkadots and the orange checks. Great colors to wear alone or with my sweaters, jackets and scarves for slightly colder weather. I also got the tunic in a medium chambray which goes great with dark jeans or any color of pants. These are all on sale online only and I am tempted to pick up a few more since they fit so perfectly.

At Marshalls this week I picked up a nice gray and white stripped hip length cardigan. Although I bought it before my trip to Old Navy, all the tops I bought will work with it, even the orange checks is worked just right.

Lastly this week I picked up these cute Report Sunset sandals for 40% off at DSW. Plus because of a previous purchase I had a $5 off coupon. Sweet. This is what I love about living in California, late summer is the most phenomenal time to get great deals on clothes you can wear all winter long - summer clothes.

I've been working on a few shoe purchases because somehow over time my shoe selection had become very uninteresting and totally didn't serve my purposes. With just a few additions I have a much more stylish shoe selection to work with, fun colors, styles and variation. So now it's fun to chose shoes to go with what I'm wearing again.

I feel like I have a whole new closet now and I look forward to getting dressed every day which hasn't happened for a while. This is fun. Cute tops, great basic bottoms and fun shoes. The jewelry and accessory collection are already in place so I can mix and match bracelets, necklaces and earrings to my hearts content with all new new clothing options. Now I have things to wear that feel very me which makes me very happy!

Etsy Wrap Bracelet (no longer available)

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