12 July 2012

Update on Tin Can Lanterns

Just wanted to give you an update on the Tin Can Lanterns Pin Test #3. I had another can waiting for me in the freezer. So this morning I popped it out and using the smarts I learned from the first attempt I did a few things differently and things went more smoothly.

I decided to start at the top to avoid the ice chipping away and melting over time. I did a ring all the way around the top of the can and it worked well and I didn't have any problems with the ice or the can giving way. Worked out well. Lesson #1 do the top asap then move from top to bottom. I tried a cross & rows patter for this one, again just eye-balling it.

Lesson #2:  I was more careful this time to slow down and do a more patient and precise job with spacing and quality control. It was better, but because the cans have a pattern of their own and the outside when slightly wet is quite slippery, it's never going to be perfect. But with a little TLC it can go well. The great part is that when the candles are lit inside it all just looks magical.

Lesson #3: You might remember that the bottoms of the cans bulged due to the ice expanding. I was able to pound it down from the outside so that the can would sit flat yesterday. But I was still bothered about how small tea lights would be on the uneven surface inside. Today I took a flat piece of wood scrap and used it to flatten the bottom of the can from the inside. I basically put piece of wood inside the can & hammered the top of the piece of wood all around the bottom of the can so that I got a fairly flat surface on the inside. It's not pretty, but I as long as I keep those lanterns lit, no one will be able to look inside and see the shabby looking bottom, right? Ha.

Lesson #4: Consider wearing gloves. I noticed after I was done with the lantern I made today that I had a bit of ice burn on my hands. Not pleasant. I worked much faster today and obviously had my hands touching the icy metal for more prolonged periods of time. Gloves would've helped me avoid that. Not necessary but perhaps helpful.

Hope those quick updates will help you with your own projects. I'd love to see what you come up with!

image by kalanicut

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