17 July 2012

A Pin Test #4: Lettuce Stamps

A Pin Test #4 is here and since I had lettuce in the fridge I thought I would try lettuce ink stamp making. Here's the link to the pin. The first thing I learned is that you'll get different patterns with different lettuces. I used romaine hearts so my stamp flowers look quite compacted and pointy. 

Next time I will definitely try it with some bigger lettuce heads. This was obviously a pretty fail-safe project, I mean really, how bad could it go? Ha. I made three sheets of stationery. One with green flowers, one with green and gold layered together and another with pink. Simple, but they look interesting and cute. Looking forward to doing a little more experimenting with different types of lettuce.

As soon as The Bug saw what I was doing she had to have a part in this. So she jumped in and experimented even more than I did. Happily this is the first time she hasn't totally jacked up one of my stamps by double stamping a dark color on top of a light colored ink pad. And she put all the lids back on the ink pads! Wahoo. That's lucky for her because that means more stamping fun will be allowed for her going forward. I'll definitely try this again. A Pin Test #4 = Success.

images by kalanicut

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