17 November 2010

Thrift Store Finds of The Week

I love that most four-year-olds can't read because then I get to share with you what I bought last weekend. More on that in a minute. My local Goodwill have been remodeled and it feels twice as big even though the space is the same. The selection has been really good lately.

However, I will say that the people they have pricing are heading in a bad direction. I saw prices for items that were more than you could buy the same item new in a retail store. Their pricing seems to be creeping up and on many items is just too high. I have seen over the past couple of decades a cycle where thrift stores offend and drive away buyers when pricing begins to be perceived by regular customers as getting too greedy. I will definitely say I was turned off by it in my past two trips. When pricing starts to go down again, customers start having more friendly feelings about their local stores again.

My loyalties to thrift stores are highly tied to my impression of whether they are providing a friendly, useful community-building service or just trying to gauge customers for every penny they can.They receive their merchandise for free from customers like me. I don't particularly like stores who have an antique section either. Prices are usually equal to what you'd pay in an antique store and thrifts are generally a little outdated on what has current value to shoppers. If you have any opinions on this I'd love to hear them.

Here's what I did purchase.

A great bamboo magazine rack. This just couldn't be more perfect for my home. My home is full of dark wood so I love the color of this and how it stands out against the darker palette. It looks so great with a pretty magazine in front.

A great pendant necklace. (See above) I love the beads on this necklace and I am crazy about the pendant. I am thinking of dismantling it because I always like big pendants on a longer chain or strand of beads. I definitely have some plans for this piece.

Love these earrings. I like the color and shape so much. They will be a great addition to my jewelry collection and will go with almost everything I have.

Last but not least. The Little Bug spends hours and hours playing with a large collection of little animals and dolls. She is always creating little environments for them to play in. When I found this ragged little doll house, my creative mind started planning up all the ways I could upcycle it for her for Christmas. It's pretty rough around the edges. Give it a new coat of paint, fix up the roof, put up some real fabric curtains, make some furniture. I think she'll go nuts for it. I'm trying to keep things very simple for the holidays, so I think I've found my fun play gift for her.

There are just two little details I really didn't consider: 1) where I'm going to hide it between now and Christmas and 2) what I'm going to do if we spend Christmas with family far away....Oh details, details. I'll figure them out somehow.

So that's my thrift store round up. Have you found any great treasures in your bargain shopping lately? It's inspiring to hear about them if you feel like sharing! Are you upcycling anything fun for the holidays?

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