03 April 2012

Gracious Dressing - Boden Skirts

all images via Boden

As I have thought back on my conversation with a San Diego events planner about our wishes that women would dress with more grace and true style rather than unflattering trends of the day or unkempt, sloppy attire, I thought it would be great to feature designers who do design for a woman of grace.

Boden had a Spring 2012 line that is filled with practical, pretty skirts that give gals a little coverage on the legs and are easy to sit and live in graciously. Here are four examples from top left to right.
I love that there are designers out there focused on designing beautiful clothes for normal women, who live real and busy lives, have children climbing on their laps or have thighs they wish to keep to themselves. Hoorah for Boden! Thank you for keeping us beautiful.

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