05 April 2012

You CAN Push It Harder...MUCH Harder

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Today I just want to share my enthusiasm for working out. I have always been a strong believer that the body is a gift and a temple. That it should taken care of with the greatest of attention. But it's easy for that care of the body to get moved to the periphery when life gets busy or stressful. That just leads to more discouragement and as time passes it's a greater and greater obstacle to overcome. It's so easy for weakness of every kind to overtake the body when we don't keep it in optimal health.

I've been working out pretty regularly but haven't made a lot of real progress. But in the past two weeks I challenged myself to do workouts that I didn't feel I could possibly do. I found some amazing and "scary-hard" at-home workouts on Pinterest. You can find lots of these along with a lot of "no excuses" motivation on my Fitness Focused board.

My first attempts were pretty dismal. But the second time around and third time around I started getting very excited to see the improvements I made which motivated me to really start pushing myself. And push I did. It was amazing what I could accomplish within a few days. After doing a few hundred push ups in small quantities it's amazing how many more I can do and, even better, how my arms are shaping up so quickly.

I have also been pushing myself much more in the gym too. Trying to keep things fresh by trying, keep doing more in less time and increasing the total time of my workouts. The combined at-home and gym time and new strength training leaves me exhausted, but that also means I'm sleeping better and longer. The best parts are all the extra energy I feel, how much more limber and loose my muscles feel and how good I feel about taking charge of this area of my life. It's a confidence booster in every way.

If you have let your workouts slip for a few weeks or have never really worked out in your life, I am challenging you to start today. Your body deserves this care from you and it will reward you many times over in good health and a longer life. Do something good for your body. Talk a slow walk around your neighborhood if that's challenging for you or do more if you can. But don't be afraid to really push yourself hard. The body adapts pretty quickly and you will see improvements. It's never too late!

I would love it if you would share your success stories in the comments. Add a link to a workout you are loving right now. What is working for you? What do you want to accomplish? Can't wait to hear what you are up to and how it's working for you.

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Anonymous said...

The more strength and health you develop physically, you also build and project a stronger and more postive energy. Your blood and oxygen move better and this life energy creates a positive force field where other things just "seem" to fall into place, and you are pulled less into negative energy, whether its your own or others'.

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