24 April 2012

Tuesday Quick Tip - Eagle Creek Toiletries Bag

image via Eagle Creek

When I was traveling regularly on business I had to find some systems that would make life as simple as possible when it came to packing and jumping back and forth from my home life to my travel life. I nailed down a system that I still use today to make sure I have everything I need, especially when it comes to the tons of little toiletry items that you so often find you need on trips.

After each trip I refined my system until I had rounded up everything I could come up with that I needed when traveling abroad or domestically. In the beginning, after each trip I would add new items, all in travel size containers. The best part was finding a toiletries bag that met all my wishes -- the Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby.

image via Eagle Creek

I found that I usually did not travel more than two weeks. Then I figured out how much of each item I needed to last about that long. Next I found travel sized products that lasted about that amount of time and whenever possible I bought refillable travel bottles from small shampoo bottles to tiny jars for moisturizer and astringent. This way I could maximize my packing space by keeping every container as small and lightweight as possible.

When I do travel for longer I just pack two small containers. That way if it's a disposable container, I can dispose of one as soon as it it empty and lighten my load.  When you are schlepping luggage around the world, keeping it light is essential to your sanity and maybe more importantly, haa-haa, your back.

My Wallaby organization is broken down into 4 easy sections:

Top Section: face products (wash, astringent, cotton pads, etc.), powder, toothbrush, hairbrush.
Vertical Pockets: shampoo and condition, hair spray, leave-in conditioner and body wash.
Zipper Pocket: (behind the vertical pockets) medicinal items, a sewing kit, first aid kit and lady-specific items.
Bottom Detachable Zip Pocket: small thing used regularly - toothpaste, moisturizer, lotion, dental floss, cotton swabs, tweezers and nail clippers.

So I always know immediately where to look for things because they are always in the same place. The other thing I have done that has saved me a lot of time and frustration is to check and refill everything when I arrive home from every trip. This way there is no thinking for the next trip, I can just grab the toiletries kit and toss it into my suitcase. Taking that extra step right when I get home has made packing much simpler and I know I am always prepared.

I also use a variety of other Eagle Creek packing system products for my regular travel. I will share more of them soon. You can see the entire line of Eagle Creek products here. Do you have a packing system you love? I'm always on the prowl for good travel and storage products I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Happy Tuesday!

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