16 April 2012

Go For It Monday

Took this photo at the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum in San Diego over the weekend. It perfectly describes how I'm feeling about the upcoming week. Ready for take off. After the most charming and delightful Spring Break it's back to projects, goals, rituals and a bit more routine.

Last night once the cars were unpacked we kicked off the new week with a big mountain of pancakes, bacon, strawberries and whipped cream. It was good to have a home cooked meal and to putter around the house watering plants and putting things away.

I am so happy to be back at my desk today. Can't wait to run through my morning ritual. Excited to just courageously go for it on a couple of projects. A great workout is in order. It's a happy Monday.
It's amazing how a break, a lot of fresh air, play time, extra sleep and an escape from your normal world can inspire and energize.

What is energizing you these days?

image via kalanicut

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