26 April 2012

Sending Thanks For Many Kindnesses

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Ah, it's Friday. It's been an amazing week -- amazing in the sense that I have crossed paths with so many kind and generous people who have offered their assistance, their kindness, their empathy, their expertise and service to me and my loved ones in such a broad variety of ways. It's amazing how many people I interacted with in so many different settings: medical facilities, businesses, shops, restaurants, over the phone and more.

I can do nothing more than express my deepest thanks to all these people I did not know at the beginning of the week whose faces are now sewn to my soul in gratitude for their small acts of service. I realize more and more that you never know what your service, kindness and friendship will mean to another person. You just never know how tired they are, how hard their day has been, or what challenges they are facing.

It's always possible that a simple hello to someone feeling hopeless may restore their hope. A warm word may convince someone who feels alone and isolated that they are not alone and there is love to be had out in the world. So I send out my thanks today to all the people whose kindness has touched my life this week. I hope you too, lovely readers, have been blessed this week too. Happy Weekend!

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