19 April 2012

Making Birthdays Special

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I love birthdays. I especially enjoy celebrating the birthdays of people I love. Yesterday was The Man's birthday and it was such a lovely day. We each tried to get as much work done as early as possible so that we could have some fun.

I think birthdays should be special. I think the birthday girl or boy should experience lots of joys and should do things that make them truly happy. I think they should be surrounded by love and laughter.

If these are my standards for a good birthday, our objectives were met yesterday. We smiled, we laughed and had a happy time together. I made my  prize-winning Italian chicken sandwiches for lunch. Then after more work, we headed out to a golf course near here.    

I've always believed that the golf gods will try to reel you just often enough to keep you addicted by giving you a good day on the course every so often. I had one of those days after not having golfed for  quite a while. I was happy to reacquaint myself with an activity I have enjoyed since college and will definitely go again soon. I found that I am enjoying the focus and concentration required more than I ever have before.

After golf we relaxed for a bit and then went out for a late night dinner. Our meal was quite a hodgepodge: gourmet onion rings, stuff mushrooms, Ahi roll and Spicy Cashew Chicken and rice. It was so charming to see the sweet smile on The Man's face when restaurant staff gathered together to sing happy birthday & give him a special dessert.

He is not a big fusser about his birthday, so it was especially nice to see a big, authentic, appreciative, generous smile light up his face. That, after all is the goal of a good birthday. To give the birthday boy or girl a sense that we see who they are and celebrate them and their life. Happy Birthday my sweet man. Love you and appreciate all you bring to our world and the greater world at large. Hope this is your best year yet.

And to you, dear readers, I ask: How do you celebrate birthdays? What is your favorite activity to make the day special? I am still thinking about how we will establish traditions for family birthdays going forward. I would love to hear what your traditions are and think about some new ideas to incorporate into our family.

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How fun to celebrate your honey so well.

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