17 April 2012

Quick Cleaning The House

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After a morning of errands that all worked out to be much more difficult than originally anticipated (post office, banks, grocery store, shopping returns, etc.) I came home with some, shall we say, "not positive" energy burning.

So I decided I would put that energy to use doing some "quick and dirty" house cleaning. I've made a commitment to myself to always make my bed first thing in the morning because it makes a huge difference in how I feel about my bedroom space. It makes the entire space seem much more tidy and organized. I've been reaping the benefits of that action for years now, inspired by a dear friend.

Recently I have committed to keeping my large bathroom vanity very clean. I keep the cleaning products right nearby then can put everything away, wipe the counters and sink and shine up the mirror in just a few minutes. It's amazing how keeping that large area extra tidy improves the way I feel about walking into that space. So that is the first thing I did when I got home since my bed was already made.

While I was working on my attitude adjustment, aka cleaning the bathroom, I was reminded of two great posts from two of my favorite bloggers. The first was by DesignMom Gabby Blair. She wrote a very inspiring piece on making use of small increments of time to get a lot done and how much that has changed the way she feels about her To Do list. Here's a link to her wise words. I'm living them and it does make a difference. Now when I decide to take on a quick project I do it a little more cheerfully and think of Gabby.

The second post I thought of is printed out and hanging above my desk. It's a weekly house cleaning chart and home keeping philosophy that was passed along by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. It goes right along with Gabby's post breaking down all the regular housecleaning chores into small, doable chores for each day. Just reading over ig makes home life sound so much more peaceful and less hectic.

Always grateful to have inspiring bloggers who encourage me to live in a happy place both psychologically and in my home! These are the gifts that bloggers give each other, just some that I am so grateful for. Check out these two posts. I am sure there is something there that will help you make your own life a little less hectic.

So, do you burn off frustration with house cleaning? Do you have a go to task for those "special" moments? Have you made any home or time organizational changes lately that have improved life for you? I love it when you share! Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Hope your week is going well! It's very bright and beautiful here and I just enjoyed a lunch of beautiful homemade omelette, peach yogurt and fresh strawberries. Nice!

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I am always amazed at what I can get done in a short amount of time ... if I put my heart into it.

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