09 April 2012

Five Things I Am Loving About This Week

I have been flooded with a wave of gratitude for all the beautiful things in my life the past few days. We are so lucky to be alive and with as few problems as we have. There are always others who can beat us at the suffering game -- who have it worse than we do. But to have faith that you can overcome your fears, challenges, and losses and yet thrive is a great comfort. Here are a few things that are giving me the sense that I enjoy great bounty in my life.

1) Time with The Man and The Bug. It's Spring Break, hoooray! There is nothing better than having people who want you around, give you oodles of love and appreciation, and are there to share a home cooked meal with.

2) An awesome, well-rounded family. What a blessing to people who will laugh with you and cry with you. But usually just laugh with you. Much more fun.

3) Amazing friends. Spent Saturday afternoon at a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt with dearest of dear friends at Will Rogers State Park. This was his home, in the photo, that is now a museum. At the park, I had the most fortuitous conversation with an old friend. I don't even know how we ended up on the subject but if there was anyone in the world I could discuss life situations I am edging towards right now, it was her. And it didn't even dawn on me until we started talking.

I was amazed at how much we had in common and what wonderful words of wisdom she had to share. My favorite thing she said was to stay away from discouragers. Isn't that the best advice for any effort in life. Stay away from those damn discouragers. (Sorry for the naughty word, but it seriously fits, right?!) Honestly, who needs them. Would any of us accomplish anything is we listened to these people?! I came home and wrote down everything she was able to share with me between kid interruptions, food interruptions, egg hiding and other distractions. Such a blessing.

4) Fantastic weather. It was 81 yesterday. It felt so good not to need a jacket last night. That is extremely rare for us. There are very, very few nights, any time of year, when a jacket isn't a must here. So good for the soul to get some sun on the cheeks and in the heart.

5) To associate with good people.  Yes I mentioned friends and family, but good associates are such a blessing. I love being surrounded in my work, church, neighborhood and with blog and twitter friends who are positive and inspiring. These are not always people that I know all that well, but they inspire me with their positive, hopeful  outlooks, courage and strength. Often they don't know how much people appreciate them, but I certainly do. I have felt particularly grateful for the few minutes here and there that I get to spend with these people. I'm trying to be better about letting these people know that their words and actions are appreciated and meaningful to me.

I'm looking forward to this coming week. I hope to treasure every good minute of it. Memories are being made. Sweet, loving moments have already been plentiful. Fun days are planned and we are so blessed. If I can just remember that, every day, this week and beyond will be glorious.

Image via kalanicut

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