06 April 2012

A Weekend Treat - Talenti Gelato

image via Talenti

I believe in living a balanced life. So since yesterday was all about brutal workouts, I thought we needed to balance that out with a delicious treat that is starting to appear in stores all around the country - Talenti Gelato and Sorbet.

We have our favorite Gelato shop but it's a good 45 minutes from our house, not too practical when you have a late night craving. But now amazing gelato is available at the grocery store around the corner. Talenti is made from the best quality ingredients and less calories than traditional ice cream.

It's hard to choose a favorite flavor, there are so many delicious chocolate, carmel, cookie and fruit versions to choose from. I loved the sea salt caramel and would definitely like to try the Caramel Cookie Crunch, Black Cherry, Caribbean Coconut and Sicilian Pistacio. For you Sorbet fans there are some amazing fruit flavors.You can see the entire product line here.

It could be very challenging for some to not eat the entire container in one sitting. We first tried Talenti a few months ago in San Diego. Now it's fun to see it popping up in more and more grocery stores near home. If you want to find Talenti deliciousness near your home check here to find stores and locations near you. I promise you won't be disappointed. You deserve it after all you've accomplished this week, right?

Have a fantastic weekend. We start Spring Break as of today, which we are really looking forward to. A week with more kid fun and less grown up obligations. That sounds fantastic!

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