05 October 2011

Fall Season Mantle

Now that it's officially fall, it seemed a good time to take down the summer mantle and put up something more season appropriate. Plus who can resist all the beautiful orange items associated with fall....favorite color and all. Here's what it looked like before. And before that.

I whipped up a pumpkin garland for the boring front of the fireplace and picked up a few small gourds and pumpkins to play with. I already had a nice basket of pine cones and all the paper and ribbon needed.

Once I had made an initial pass by on the mantle it still seemed a little empty on the right side, lacking some height or something. I saw some fall leaves and thought a few cutout leaves might be just the thing to fill it in and soften up the sharp edges. Seems to have worked.

Here's a closer peek at the corners. I love the two gourds in the box and the pine cones seemed to work with the pumpkins and gourds on the right side to give it an earthy feel.

So that's a peek at the mantle today. I didn't want to go too Halloween-ish because as we know I'm not a big halloween fan. But I thought a nice fall-scape would carry us through to the holidays. Can't believe I'm even saying those words "the holidays". Crazy. How can they possibly be coming around again so quickly? Shocking indeed! (said in my most British of British accents). Hope you're having a great day. I am sending you good wishes for your joy and success.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Love your little pile of pumpkins in the center. Looks so homey and inviting! :-)

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