13 October 2011

It's Hygge Season

It's hygge season. What's hygge (huuuuu-guh) you ask? It's a fantastic Scandinavian term that means something along the lines of enjoying a feeling of inviting, warm coziness and fellowship. I remember living in Denmark, walking down the streets in the dark night (or dark early afternoon -ack. 3pm sunsets in winter people!) and you could see in beautiful windows ivy wreaths and flickering candles. It looked so welcoming and on the humid, cold streets the hygge made you want to just go knock on the door and ask to come in.

Hygge with friends always included candles and perhaps tea and a delicious little cake or Danish pastry. Don't even get me started on Danish pastries. But if you want to have something pretty close if not exactly like the real deal, go to a bakery in Solvang, CA. But I digress, okay that's not really a digression at all, it's fabulous. But we're talking about hygge.

Fall is the perfect time to make an effort to enjoy hygge every night. Light a candle or two or five. Enjoy time with people you love. Eat a delicious little treat and sip a cup of tea. Rather than dreading the longer, colder winter nights, make them dreamy and enjoyable by living with intent to have hygge.

image by kalanicut

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