19 October 2011

Good Friend & Wedding Sounding Board

I have a dear friend who I spent many, many hours with during the time we both lived in SoCal. I have many happy memories with her watching a few favorite TV shows, helping each other with moves and big event planning we were each responsible for. She is so much fun to be with.

When I got engaged she was one of the first to say, I want to help. She was so kind to set aside a day to hang out on a recent trip here and we planned to take a couple hours weeding through all my ideas and tear sheets and talking through time lines, look and feel. She is one of those people who has done it all and is so "Can Do". I love that between the two of us we have figured out how to do so many things over the years. She has lots of great skills I don't, so it was great to get her advice.

She was so great because she said things like "you should get a wedding planner, at least for the day of, because knowing you, you will work your whole wedding day if you don't have someone else there to take care of everything." She's SO right. She said, "No" when I suggested things I knew deep down would be too much work for the payoff, she said "Yes" when she saw my vision and the right way to pull it together.

It was such a gift to have that time with her. We also had time to chat about our lives, things that make us happy, things that are challenging us to learn and grow and just plain goofy, weird stuff that perplexes us. It was hard to let her go, could've talked to her for days.  But it's great to know she's so on board to help with wedding plans. Our next plan is to have a wedding crafting weekend once we have determined exactly what we'll make for the wedding. I can't wait to spend that time with her and do some fun DIY projects.

My overarching hope for our wedding is to make the most of every minute with family and friends along the way and definitely that day. Working on projects for the day with the women folk of my clan is one of the things I am most looking forward to and one of the best wedding presents we could hope for. I'll share all about The Man's wedding planning activities and involvement next. It's sweet & funny. Until tomorrow, warmest wishes.

image by kalanicut

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Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I agree, a "day of" wedding coordinator is a must-have so that you can enjoy your day. I'm glad you have some good people there by your side!

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