24 October 2011

Blue Skies Shining

Busy few days attending BlogHer Writer's Conference 2011 this past week. It was a great experience and I learned a lot and met a lot of people. It was good to put myself out there and connect with other writers. Such a fantastic experience. I volunteered to work the registration desk which was great because I didn't have time to get shy. I had to just put myself out there and say, "Hi, what's your first name?" then  "Great, here's your badge, there are the lanyards. Have a great time."

I have done a lot of walking. I foolishly left the home base Saturday morning in a very bad pair of flip flops and then walked a few miles. I went to meet a lovely recent college grad gal I mentored online earlier this year. She was a peach and it was such a treat to meet her.We had a lovely brunch at French Roast, a restaurant that holds a little piece of my heart and never disappoints. Unfortunately, due to the flip flops I now have a huge blister on the ball of my left foot which is making wearing shoes and walking a rather miserable experience. Dumb move.

I've invested a good bit of money in cold remedies and moleskin this weekend.Got sick hours after the conference ended. Not exactly what you want to spend money on. But thank goodness for them. Note to self: ALWAYS bring a pair of cute sneakers, some favorite tea and cold meds on a trip just in case. I know exactly the pair I wish I had. They are sitting at home in my closet. I had my act together for conference clothes but really bombed on the post-conference I Need Comfort clothes.

The city is invigorating and it's nice to experience a bit of fall, while still warm enough for sandals. Thank goodness I stuck my Dansko clog sandals in my bag as an afterthought because they have saved me, especially now with blistered foot. Today I am heading out on a little wedding source trip starting in the Fashion District then on to the Flower District, Chelsea, West Village and SoHo. We'll be looking for trims, ribbons, decorations, papers and stamps. It will be a whirlwind.

Hope this finds you well. Sorry I was so absent last week. I still owe you a post about our adventures at the catering affair. I haven't forgotten. Sending you warmest wishes. Thanks for coming by.

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