14 October 2011

You Make The Call

It's a happy day, no matter what any of us think about it. Something beautiful will happen to every one of us today, if we look for it, if we're ready for it, if we're open to it and receive it with gratitude.

It might be something like this:
  • a friend calls out of the blue
  • you sit down to a beautiful meal
  • you get a kind word from your child
  • your spouse takes an extra moment for one more squeeze
  • a store clerk goes out of their way for you
  • another driver lets you into their lane
  • a driver waves when you do the same
  • someone looks you in the eye and smiles
  • you wake up to sunshine on your face
  • you witness a fresh snowfall
  • you sit on a beach
  • you accomplish something small but joyful
  • you take a beautiful walk
  • you see a prayer answered
  • a fresh breeze crosses your cheek
  • you sit near a warm fire
  • you share love
  • you receive love
It is a happy day. No matter what happens, good things will shine if you look for them throughout the day. I dare say if you are watchful all day, you will actually end up with a list of good things that come to you today. Decide now to see the happy day you have before you now. If you have already seen them, please share. Would love to be inspired by and share your inspiration about how you're being blessed today.

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