06 October 2011

Great Doris Day Films With Hot Fashion Styles

image via DorisDay.net

Could these two be any more beautiful? Talk about two high wattage smiles. I first fell in love with Doris Day and Rock Hudson at a high school club movie night with a whole bunch of girls. My introduction to Pillow Talk was an inspiration of epic proportions. The fashions are amazing and the star power is a treat!

Since then my sisters and I have often comedically sang the songs and quoted lines from this movie at many appropriate moments over the years and there's nothing I love better than seeing my dad laugh and shake his head as he watches the antics of Mr. Rex Stetson/Mr. Brad Allen (Rock Hudson). 

If I'm going to sing the praises of Pillow Talk, first let's just mention all six feet and five inches of Mr. Rock Hudson. He is just delicious. That's one handsome tree trunk of a man right there. That's all a given right? Unfortunately, he apparently didn't reciprocate our feelings ladies, but see my last paragraph about Mr. James Garner. Haa-haa. Mr. Hudson rocks a bunch of well cut suits, trench coats, wool jackets, sweaters and even handsome pajamas throughout.

Doris is a gem - her spunk, her sass, her amazing figure and always fabulous hair. She is so fun and so flawed and boy, is she one very hot tamale in that white figure fitting dress and white fur bolero in the first few minutes of Pillow Talk. Smokin'! Her wardrobe in this movie is perhaps one of the best in all moviedom. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

You can see a lot of it in this post from Between Naps on The Porch. Scroll down a bit to see the Pillow Talk fashions. So much yumminess. The jewelry is fantastic, beautiful knitwear, pencil skirts and jackets.The most interesting part of it is that her wardrobe is so "classic with a twist" that it just never seems to be out of style.

image via American Things

The side characters in this film, including Tony Randall are hilarious in all their own individual weirdness and humor. There are so many quotable lines and singable songs that it's entertaining from start to finish.

Last night, after a long, exhausting day and very little sleep the night before I crawled into bed and put in Pillow Talk. Besides enjoying a movie I've seen a few bazillion times, I was really keen to analyze the set design, fashions, art and cars. Hooked on Houses has a great post with lots of set photos from the film.

Ms. Day's character, Jan Morrow, an interior decorator, lives in a lovely apartment in NYC with gray walls and cabinets paired with salmon counter tops. Current, right? A doctor's office set blends chevron gray/silver wall paper with funky yellow and orange lamps. The lamps, modern art and mid century furniture all speak to today's trends. 

If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it. That's my big recommendation for the day. Take a night off and check our Pillow Talk. There's so much to enjoy and it's so easy to watch. And Hudson and Day made several more movies together although you may notice that it seems to be the same script reworked each time including a repeat performance as the sidekick by Tony Randall. But all three movies have their own charm and are worth a gander. To steal part of a line from the movie -- You are my inspiration, Pillow Talk.

image via imdb

 Someday we can have a little talk about Doris Day and James Garner in The Thrill Of It All and Move Over, Darling. James' handsome good looks give Mr. Hudson a pretty tight run for his money! Hope you get a chance to take a night off and enjoy a stylin' comedy from another generation soon. Friday night is just a day away...

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chelsea said...

I LOVE Doris Day!!!! I think a viewing of Pillow Talk is in order. Best movie ever!

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