01 July 2011

Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave

If you live in the U.S. it's one of the best weekends of the year and the highlight of the summer season. I am headed home, part of the way road-tripping with a divine sister. It's very possible there will be an Annie Get Your Gun sing-a-long to the Broadway soundtrack starring Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat.  I'm just sayin' it's possible although I may be a bit rusty.

Once with the family we'll celebrate a family event on Saturday, go to a stadium patriotic event & fireworks event on Saturday night. Monday morning we'll hit the big Fourth of July parade. Here's a look at my mantle this week. Sadly I didn't get text written on the blackboard. So it's computer aided.

It's very simple, but more holiday festive than usual, unless it's Christmas time. I enjoyed my attempts at 4th of July decor. I think it's a noble holiday to celebrate in any way possible. The little Uncle Sam is a $1 wood kit that is meant for kids to use markers & color. The Bug made one too, hers is in her room. I upscaled mine by painting it instead. The Liberty sign was a gift from my aunt five or six years ago. I love it and have it on display somewhere all the time. A good reminder to be grateful for blessed freedoms. So the cost for this holiday display, not including anything I already had in the house, was $1 plus tax for Uncle Sam. Fun to see what you can pull together from the craft drawers.

For those of you in the states or celebrating elsewhere hope it's a wonderful holiday weekend. And a wonderful regular old summer weekend wish to the rest of you. Thanks for coming by. Have a safe weekend!

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Kelly said...

Uncle Sam is adorable! So cute. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. :-)

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