26 October 2011

Asking For Help Offers A Chance to Help

Asking for help is something I am not particularly good at. I was raised in a family where you jumped to help others any time, but were expected and taught to be self-sufficient. While I think this is a great philosophy there was one important life lesson that was overlooked. How to ask for help when needed. I think I’ve written about this some over the years but it is worthy of regular reminders.

Yesterday I saw a reminder on my non-internet accessible cell phone (yes, I know I live in the dark ages, but very rarely am I away from both computer access and a fiancé with internet phone access at the same time.) This reminder was to take care of something very time sensitive and I was already 30 minutes late when I realized it.

So I called a dear sweet person close to me and asked if she could help me. (See, I’m learning and doing better). She was so willing and had my little errand all taken care of for me in just a couple of minutes. I was so grateful. Then I asked how she was doing and it was obvious she’d had a really rotten day which has been just a part of a few really tough and totally unfair years for her. While I stood on the side of a busy street in the middle of the big city we chatted and she shared her frustrations.

We wept. Right there on the street, I wept with her, thousands of miles away. We talked about how totally unfair and heartbreaking life is some times. I told her that The Man prays for her every time we pray together, as do I, and that we think of her and want the best for her every day. That comforted her and it comforted me to know we’re all in this together and we’re all holding each other up and cheering each other on. I reminded her that I would drop everything and come to her aid at any time - that we would.

Life has become more challenging in recent years and we truly must pact to stand together with those we love and inspire and watch over each other. I walked away from that conversation thinking, had I not asked for help, I would not have been able to offer help. Sometimes asking for help actually allows us to  put ourselves in a position to offer help. Sometimes offering help puts us in the position to receive help.

How amazing is that?! It has to be a bit reciprocal to be truly meaningful. The returned assistance may not need to be in that exact moment but it will come. A full, rich, rewarding life it seems must be filled with both giving and receiving. It seems we learn our best lessons in those moments and receive our best blessings.

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