28 October 2011

Twenty Dollars for 200 Dollars

I had high expectations for our visit to Jamali Gardens earlier this week, but I have to say they surpassed my expectations. It's a tiny little place, but there is goodness everywhere. And we didn't even go up to the second floor featuring holiday goods. I can't imagine how wonderful it must be up there!

I was very taken with the variety of vases, boxes, candles, lanterns and best of all their shell collection. It was great to be able to see everything in person, think through what we will need for the wedding, what will and won't work for the outdoor, beach setting. It's good to hold things in your hands and think through how you would use them.

I fell in love with their collection of driftwood and would definitely like to figure out a way to incorporate it somehow in garlands or candle hurricanes or something. Need to do some thinking about that. When we got to the sea shell aisle we were totally stopped in our tracks. They had so many amazing varieties, colors, shapes and sizes.

I read in one of the wedding planning books that you can waste huge sums of money buying things you see on a whim that you think you'll just work into your scheme somehow. If you do this frequently you can really blow your budget and end up lacking cohesiveness with your design. Again, lots of small purchases can kill the budget. So I held back on buying, but took photos of everything I was interested in.

The one thing I couldn't pass up were these 100 packs of quarter size sand dollars. We came up with quite a few possible uses for them, all of which we loved, and for the cost I decided to get 200 for $20. Happily they all made it cross country in one piece. Hooray.

I'm so glad we made this one of our stops and so happy to have lots of other resources available to me there. You can shop the shop online at Jamali Garden.

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