27 October 2011

Little Wedding Treasures - An Ink Stamp

While on our wedding shopping extravaganza on Monday I found this charming little ink stamp at The Ink Pad in the West Village. I loved how small it was and it just clicked with me immediately. I thought it would be so pretty paired with some some larger, lovely, more intricate number stamps on guest cards for the special day. Maybe something like these.

I must have a thing for tiny ink stamps because I also recently bought this one and I have several others. Oh how I love the depth and richness of simplicity. Just makes my heart sing!

1 comment:

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

A good friend just got married and did a lot of stamping. IN fact she is now obsessed with it, which I dig, because she needed a hobby :)
Your stamp cracks me up because I'm envisioning it reading this way:
You are seated at table "no!"
And you could have another that reads
You are seated at table "yes!"
etc etc. Yeah, I'm a smartass. Or maybe i'm just sleep deprived.

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