14 December 2010

My Favorite Christmas Eve Tradition

One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve. At some point my mom discontinued this tradition and I'm still discussing this (complaining about it) with her. Haa-haa. There's nothing more fun than donning new pajamas before you jump into bed for the most impatient night's sleep of the year.

I'm carrying on the tradition and one of my favorite gifts to find this year was a pair of pink pajamas for The Little Bug. I made the gift tag above to make sure I remembered which package it was. This year I'm putting a little reminder note in Danish on the back of every gift tag so I don't forget what I have already purchased and which package is which. It seems like it would be so easy but after a few weeks under the tree, I do forget.

Keeping the holidays simple this year. Here's what's inside.

I would love new ideas to continue to add in the coming years. What do you do as a family each year as part of your celebrations. Please share your special family celebrations! Happy Tuesday!

photo one by Kalanicut
photo two from Target. com


Kelly said...

I think it's so cool that you speak Danish and can use it as a secret code on your packages. :-) We did not do the pajama exchange in our house, but I always wished that we did. My mom's tradition was to hide all of the Baby Jesus(es) from the nativity scene in a drawer (or a closet in the case of the large outdoor scene) and then put them out on Christmas morning. She made the whole thing very dramatic!

Dave and Catherine said...

I love that idea! I know lots of people who do Christmas Eve PJs. For some reason we never did growing up, but we did get to choose 1 present that was already under the tree to open on Christmas Eve. With this being our first Christmas as our own little family, we're starting our own traditions. This year we're going to make & decorate sugar cookies for Santa. I'm hoping to start Christmas PJs next year, when we actually have an income. :)


We each buy a small gift to go in our Christmas stocking. I, as the mom, still put other fun little things in the stockings . . . but we loved having everyone in the family be a part. Our "stocking presents" were always a favorite.


Naomi Alice said...

I love the idea of the pjs! My husband and I kinda started it 2 years ago (our first Christmas married) but we are not sure which traditions to keep and not.. I still think I want this one, as cosy and soft as it can be!!! :)

Joslyn said...

we do this too! it's a great tradition ;-)

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