08 December 2010

Great Holiday Project for Kids

When I was doing my holiday shopping extravaganza at Michaels late last month I found these cute little kids projects on sale for just 99 cents. They turned out to be the perfect activities for The Little Bug because they require no direction or participation from adults and kept her busy for quite a while. So I had two nice periods of time on different days to get things done while she was coloring away.

Another reason these are so great is that they required no preparation on my part, no gathering supplies, buying special ingredients or giving a lot of instruction. Each kit came with the wood pieces, little stands and even the markers to color the wood. I like that these are things we'll keep for a long time and remember she made them. Michaels has a variety of little projects like this that are great for kids and would be great for the kids table at family holiday parties.

The train is under the tree and the sleigh set is next to her bed along with one of the gaudy circus horses - nice and festive for her room. I'm definitely thinking of going and picking up a few more of these. They are perfect for when one needs some undisturbed time to get things done and would be great with a group of kids too. Big reward for a small investment.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Those are totally adorable.


I love Michael's! They have so much fun stuff there. These are really cute.
Hugs, Nina

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