02 December 2010

Daily Holiday Observance

I am determined to make the most of the 2010 holiday season. My goal is to have some daily observance of the Christmas holiday -- making something creative, doing an act of service, attending a concert or going out to see the Christmas lights.

Last night we went to a community program and listen to our wonderful friends' bell choir. They are so talented and it was such a treat. I cannot comprehend how they all keep up and know when to ring their bell and which one to ring -- and I know how to read music, play instruments, was in band and took piano lessons. I was really impressed and it was fun to sing along for a few songs with them for our first carol singing of the season.

Another part of our evening were hundreds of nativity scenes of all sizes from all over the world. So fun to look at and incredible to see all the variations. One of my favorites was the cowboy nativity with baby Jesus in an upturned cowboy hat for a manger. There were nativity scenes made from every type of material and in every size, even one on top of a pinhead that you had to look at with a magnifying glass.

I am so appreciative of all the people who go to so much work and do such service to allow us to enjoy the holiday season and why we celebrate Christmas. I am grateful for people who hang lights and wreaths on their doors, are kind and friendly out in public and share their many musical and performance talents.

I have already enjoyed some observance of Christmas every day this week. I am keeping track of the calendar and a list of all the things we can do. I am excited to see what new experiences I will have this holiday as I pursue my goal to make the most of the season in every way.

Image via Nambe

1 comment:

knack said...

love it! how fun to have so many different types of nativities!

I love this season as well, and am so excited to celebrate..and spend time with loved ones!

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