15 December 2010

The Adventure Girls

I am a member of a very exclusive club called The Adventure Girls. It has been many hours and other sacrifices to earn my membership card. The founder of the club is a very interesting and energetic person.  It is a very small club, only two members and we have been on many excursions: spent many happy days outside, on the beach, at parks, museums and long walks.

We have chased rabbits and robins, gathered shells and sea glass, sang songs, studied letters and numbers and had many conversations. This was our latest excursion this past weekend. Lots of space to breathe, soak in the sun, seek treasures, admire nature, laugh and play. It was so warm that the very cold water felt amazingly refreshing.

Yesterday we baked and I'll show you our finished product tomorrow. I am so lucky to have been invited into the club. It is endless enjoyment and the smiles, giggles, songs and head tilts of the club founder just knock me out.

What special clubs to you belong to? What did you have to do to get in and what makes it special for you. Do you have an official name for your group? What do you do for fun?

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