03 December 2010

Merry Martha Christmas

I love all the great ideas for holiday crafts from Martha Stewart online. As much as I've loved the December print magazine, I knew the web site was bound to have some great stuff. You'll find a lot of fantastic ideas for food, decoration, gift wrap, presents and more in photo galleries with instructions.

Here's a great slide show of 50 fantastic craft ideas. I love these little elves. Just last week we got the cutest little pine cone turkey that we're so fond of. These little elves would definitely be fun to add to little corners of the house. There are so many other great ideas, you're bound to find something you love and can quickly whip up to add to your festivities this year. Thank you Martha (and all the people who make up the Martha world). Happy Friday!

Photo from marthastewart.com


Kelly said...

Thanks for the link, Kalani! I pulled out my stack of old Martha Holiday issues just like I do every year, but I haven't quite found the right project yet... I'll go take a look. :-)


Thanks, for the fantastic link to the 50 Martha ideas. I just e.mailed it to my daughters.


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