05 December 2010

New Ornaments

Last Friday night, The Little Bug, The Man and I headed off to Target to buy a birthday present for a little friend. As part of the daily effort to celebrate Christmas, I suggested that we each get to choose one new Christmas ornament to add to the collection on the tree and mantle.

Target has an amazingly great holiday section, with so many pretty gift tags, lights, decorations and ornaments. I knew we could each find something really special for our new additions.

Last year, at my company holiday craft sale The Man acquired an new ornament that is a rat angel with wings...yes an angel rat, with halo and wings. It's become a cult favorite now. I looked forward to seeing everyone choose things that strike them as funny, charming and unique to add to the holiday decor.

This year The Little Bug chose the ideal ornament for little girls - shiny, metallic horses with a big feather headdress...nothing says Christmas to me like that -- haa-haa. Or course how could she not love it? Pink, check! Horse, check! Shiny, gaudy, metallic, check! Feathers, check! It's an ornament made in four-year-old dream heaven. In the end we ended up with three horses, adding the blue and white to the family as well. They are quite the fashion statement.

The Man was immediately drawn to the Hula Shark. Classic and will look so nice next to the angel rat. Then he added the more down to earth squirrel. Again, totally evoke feelings of Christmas, right? (Big grin.) More holiday oriented, he also chose the red wood skate and the snowman above. The more I look at the snowman the more I am charmed by him. He seems almost alive to me. So perfect, jolly, cheerful and festive.

And I picked an ornament that combined great shape with beautiful color combinations. The definition of my style, classic with a twist.

We had a little lighting ceremony the next night to add our new ornaments and sing a little Christmas carol. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season. Time to tear off another chain. We're one day closer to Christmas. Happy Holidays!


knack said...

we all pick ornaments every year too!! I love your picks!


cropfoto said...

I have to tell you, I knew which one was your immediately in that first picture. It just looks like you.

I'm a big fan of hula shark!

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