23 December 2010

Winter Wardrobe Wonderland

Layering for cold weather is an art form that Sundance Catalog has mastered with a beautiful melding of wool, corduroy, denim, cotton and leather. Classic with a twist has been my fashion motto for a long time now. I love basic pieces that can be seen in a dramatic light with the addition of great shoes, just the right necklace or earrings or jacket. Here are a few shots from the Sundance Catalog that capture that feeling perfectly.

Stunning jewelry can take a simple tee shirt and jeans and make a look that people are going to remember. I love leather, sterling silver and turquoise touches as my jewelry drawers will attest to. Nice that I met The Man who has New Mexico connections and a great eye for exactly those things.

I love a good basic brown wool, suede or leather skirt and brown boots. There are some fun buckles at play on both the boots and skirt, which along with the gathering of jewelry make a simple shirt and skirt pop.

With these gorgeous boots it's simple tee shirt, good looking jeans and DONE. Out of the ballpark with sterling teardrop earrings and hair in long very loose curls. It's worth investing in memorable pieces and you can save a lot of money buying good quality basics to go with them.

Good investment pieces will last beyond the years they are trendy and you can bring them back when the look comes around again. Fashion cycles are spinning so much faster than they used to that trends are coming around every few years rather than every few decades.

I remember reading a few years ago that Ralph Lauren saves all his big investment pieces to wear again when the trend returns. It was at that point that I really started thinking about hanging onto great quality things and knowing that when the trend returns I'll have something unique that stands out in the world of the remade style. I've been saving some jackets and almost all my boots since then. That's just a few pairs, not a ton to store.

What's inspiring you fashion wise this winter season. What pieces can you not live without? What pieces are you dreaming about? And who do you think hits the nail on the head when it comes to looking great and staying warm?


Kelly said...

Sweaters! I try to take really good care of them so they last a long time. :-)


Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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