10 December 2010

Singing Round The Tree

As I've mentioned, my goal this year is to celebrate Christmas in some way every day. One of the best little events we've tried this year is to gather round the tree and sing Christmas carols. Because The Bug is four, she's just learning them, so it's fun to teach her.

We tried Stars Were Gleaming and I found it was really easy to make hand actions for every line of the song that helped her remember the words. Then we practiced Little Drummer Boy which any child can quickly get the chorus do - Pa Rum, Pa Pum, Pum.

It was fun to sing in a little group. We had a great time. Try it at your house a few times before Christmas and enjoy the Spirit of the holidays and a few moments to bring your family & friends closer together.

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Such lovely memories you are creating. I enjoy listening to an entire Christmas cd each night, with just the tree lights glowing.

Merry Christmas.


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