13 December 2010

Christmas in July Ornaments

Happy Monday everyone. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. I hope you're enjoying all the great projects and visual inspiration sprouting everyone in blogland this holiday season. It is truly a feast!

I had to share these darling ornaments I found in a thrift store in Utah last July. I'm sure these were handmade many years ago and I love all the little details. The embroidery alone must've taken many hours, not to mention putting them all together. They have such a fun "from my childhood" vintage charm to them, like something my grandmother might have made with the church ladies in the 60s.

The old school style has made it back around again and these are something you can imagine seeing in specialty shops today. I think I may have paid about 50 cents each for these, a real steal in my book. The same day I had quite a fantastic shop, finding some amazing, hard to find things. It was $10 well spent.

Only 12 more days until Christmas. Hope you're enjoying every minute of the holiday season. Happy Monday everyone.

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