08 December 2010

Holiday Creative Projects In Progress

My little workshop is full of holiday projects. Here are a few that are in progress this week. Above are two little wall hangings I am working on using up scraps of foam core from my pelmet box project last summer. I've been looking at these two pieces for a while, wanting to make something with them. Last night it started coming together.

The green piece will have some sort of little phrase on it, as soon as I decide what it will say. I covered these in paper, then across the back to cover up the edges I cut a large rectangle of contrasting paper and glued it across the entire back. I am going to put some sort of ribbon or wire on top to hang these.

We have been using up all our long, skinny, little scraps of paper to make paper chains. Easy to make and a great way to brighten up corners of the house.This year I'm going colorful with a slight Scandinavian flair. I can envision these would be gorgeous in metallic silver and white for a more formal holiday look. Paper chains would also make a fun table runner/centerpiece for a holiday table too.

These were inspired by these trees available at Etsy. I must apologize for not having noted which blog I originally saw them. I try to be so good about that. I looked & looked to find where I had seen these, but couldn't find the right place.

I found the tins and tree Styrofoam forms at Michaels. Bought the plaster of Paris a few months ago at Utrecht art store and found the sticks at our neighborhood park (along with some fabulous pine cones I'll use around the house). I mixed the plaster of Paris, poured it in the tins and positioned the trees as best I could.

I envision these will have some sort of fluffy fabric, maybe a short, dark or very bright green faux fur or other textured fabric. Then I'll make some little round ornaments out of paper or fabric. I think I'll pin them on, rather than gluing, so I can easily change them out later if I choose.

I've found that it's possible to use up almost every scrap of paper on one project or another. Gift tags are a great way to make use of small scraps of paper. You punch shapes from small scraps and make tags with others. Here are a few gift tags I've made in the past couple of weeks. Some of these will be part of a giveaway coming soon.

And lastly, presents have begun to be wrapped and are starting to appear "under the tree". I actually just have a table top tree, so these are loving stacked in front of the fireplace, which I don't use. Notice anything strange about this photo? I had to laugh, but thought I'd throw it in just to test your skills of observation.

So that's just a little taste of the holiday goings on here. Hope you are moving slow enough to enjoy the moments of this holiday season and getting out and enjoying the sights and sounds. Happy Thursday!


Chuzai Living said...

Your wrapping papers and tags especially are pretty!! Great choices!

knack said...

look at you go girl! wow! I LOVE the "Happy Holidays" sign! It is so cute with the ric rac.....and the paper garlands and tags....boy , you have been a busy bee!

I must not be super observant because I stared and stared at the photo, and the only thing that I can come up with is that the reindeer are upside down? I am going to laugh so hard if that is not it.....sheesh! My husband will shave off his beard and I'll think "man he looks really pale.....hope he feels ok".....and then later in the day he'll say "you didn't even notice I shaved off my beard!!" hee hee.....I knew something was different, just couldn't put my finger on it! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Kelly said...

Geez girl, you've been busy! I love your gift wrappings - they look so pretty with the jute you used. I'm amazed at your ability to use up every little scrap in such a thoughtful way. And I seriously can't wait to see how your trees come out. Love it!

{ to be charmed } said...

Hi fellow BYW friend! Love the gift wrap and all your DIY projects. They are all super adorable.

~ Elizabeth

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