04 March 2010

Three Important Efforts Towards Personal Preparedness

So far this week, topics have focused on being prepared to fill physical needs. Today's topic is personal preparedness in three important areas.

First physical preparedness. Consider where you are in your physical health. If you needed to today would you be able to run to safety is needed, possibly carrying a child? Would you be able to drag a loved one to safety if necessary? Move heavy debris? Walk miles to your home or a safe place to stay? Do hard core physical labor for many hours a day to protect and provide your family?

What can you do now to make yourself more useful and independent in a crisis? How can you improve your physical strength and stamina? Just like adding to your food storage a little bit every week, you can do lots of little things every day to improve your strength and well-being. All over the internet there are great suggestions for all levels of strength training, running and physical fitness. Pick a plan that will allow you to be act in an emergency with strength and speed.

Second educational preparedness. How much do you know about basic home safety? First aid? Car safety and repair? Camping? Basic outdoor cooking? Survival foods? Can you put up a tent? Build an emergency shelter? Make a preparation plan to give you the skills you need to survive on your own. You may not be near your family, spouse or others to depend on. The more you know, the calmer you'll feel and the more proactive you'll be able to be in any situation.

Third emotional/spiritual preparedness. One of the most challenging jobs we have in our lives is to maintain our emotional and spiritual well-being. As life changes from a traditional family based structure to a world where people are more isolated and alone, it becomes even more critical and difficult. Certainly in a crisis, being strong of soul may be the difference between surviving and crumbling. Are you regularly challenging yourself, looking inside and seeing where you need to make course corrections? Do you dare admit and act upon healing past pains? Do you have the courage to see how you hold yourself back, perhaps by being stuck in a rut, holding to tightly to habits & perceptions from the past, and expectations you refuse to change? Are you able to admit fault, apologize, make amends?

Can you explore the possibility that the reason you may not have the life you want is because of you and not others? Do you dare make small, simple changes required  to have the life you want and to be all you can be? Do you consider that the things that happen in your life, even the heartbreaking things, are to teach you lessons? Are you open to quickly learning those lessons and moving  happily and quickly forward to a higher level in your life or do you prefer to kick against the wall and focus on "Why me?"

You can do it! Being open to being healthier of body, mind and soul is the most incredible preparedness work you can do. It will serve you every day and in every area of your life. It will open new doors and windows, bring new people into your life, give you the moxie to try new things and adventure more. It will carry you through hard days, loss and sadness, providing you the buoyancy you need to stay afloat when all seems lost. It will help you remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow, better days will come and happiness is never far away. Taking care of ourselves, keeping ourselves healthy is the best gift we can give to ourselves and those we love.

What do you do to stay personally prepared, feeling upbeat, positive, strong and healthy? Please do share!

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