29 March 2010

Thanks Mom & Thanks Martha - Great Kitchen Time-savers

This may sound silly, but this nut chopper was the most exciting gift I got for Christmas this past year. When I was a little girl my mother had one of these and it made chopping nuts that came out uniform in shape and size a breeze. When I moved away I had to chop nuts with a knife and that has always just been not only time consuming and annoying, but I am incapable of getting the pieces anywhere near uniform in size. I always end up with the cutting board covered with half nut dust and half big chunks. I longed for one of these, but didn't know if they still existed.

I should have learned a long time ago that when you mention to other people things you are on the prowl for, they remember and often help connect you with what you are looking for. The first present I unwrapped under our family Christmas tree was this nut chopper, in the beautiful Martha Stewart robin's egg blue color. I was so excited. No longer must baking projects turn to frustration. Now when I forget to chop nuts until it's the last ingredient to add to a recipe, I can literally crank out a cup of chopped nuts in less than a minute.

Here are a couple of other items I am ready to add to my kitchen collection. Chopping onions and garlic are equally annoying tasks for me but I seem to need these ingredients all the time. These lovely items below are on my list next:

Items like these make life in the kitchen much easier. They are great for pulling together a quick onion, red pepper and garlic omelet in the morning, sliced apples with sandwich for lunch, and fast prep work at dinner time and when baking. I'm not one of those people who has every kitchen gadget ever created. In fact I didn't even own an electric hand mixer until a few years ago. But I've learned that simple items make a big difference in the kitchen for me. What are your favorite quick helps in the kitchen? I'll share a few other kitchen favorites tomorrow.

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