14 March 2010

Sorel Boots -- End Of The Season Steal

I wrote this post just before the Olympics and thought I had published it, but apparently I didn't. Spring is here we all pray, so it's a little late for snow boots but there are still a few places in the country that will enjoy snow for a few more weeks. But best of all these boots are all on sale now and will be ready for you next year!

I bought my first pair of Sorel Caribou Boots when I worked here. Wore them all day every day working here too. I’ve always loved them but they were a little bulky for city wear and impossible to drive a car in because they are so wide in the sole. Now Sorel has come up with a whole new line of delicious women’s boots that make me wish that I lived in a cold climate again! That’s saying a lot, because I don’t miss the cold at all.

Here’s a quick tip I learned for my Sorels, which are still in fantastic shape after all these years, from one of the guys who’d worked at Sundance for decades. To keep your feet warmer, buy thick felt shoe liners, and place them underneath your felt boot liner. It adds a great deal of additional support for your feet and another barrier from the cold. I am still using the first pair of shoe liners I bought for about $4 and I've never once had cold feet in my Sorels, even out in the nastiest cold weather all day long.

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